“October 2015,

It’s been 14 years since I got to see Dr. Hediger because I moved away. I’ve never found anyone who could rival his skill and knowledge in all that time. Consider yourselves blessed if you get to be his patient.”

“June 2014,

Dr. Craig Hediger is absolutely the best chiropractor in the valley!!”


Craig Hediger has been my families doctor of choice since the early 80’s, in my opinion, he is a total health physician. His use of N.E.T ( Nero Emotional Technique) has helped solve many issues- like the pain in my shoulders that my yoga, MD and other chiropractors could not resolve! Once I stepped sideways and near broke my ankle, a quick visit to Dr. Hediger and he had me as good as new in 24 hours. If my condition is beyond his scope of repair, he is always quite willing to refer me to an appropriate practitioner . Today we worked on my erotic sleep patter. I strongly encourage anyone in his area to check out his services!”